John will always be remembered as the charismatic, kind, generous man he always was. He always had a soft spot for strays. Joan, his wife, always hated the mess the strays made, but whenever John came home with another scraggly cat or dog, Joan didn’t have the heart to turn John or the animal down. His kindness wasn’t only for animals though. As a practicing medical doctor for 43 years, John always put his patient first. Often John would make house calls, and if his patient didn’t have the money, John would just say, "Pay me next time," and grinned that friendly grin of his, although he never really expected, or even cared, about payment.

John always kept very busy, even after retirement. He would go fishing whenever he could, but never at the expense of his family. His family always came first. Whenever possible, John took his family with him fishing. His children, John Jr., Kimberly, and Fred, always speak fondly about the times they spent fishing with their father. John always said, "Fishing brings the necessities of life, food and joy."

John leaves behind him a legacy that will never be forgotten. His wife, Joan, 3 children, John Jr., Kimberly, and Fred, and his 2 grandchildren, Jessica and Eric. May everyone remember John for the wonderful man he was, and listen to John’s favorite words of wisdom, "Family first... fishing second."